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Strategic Portfolio Service

As part of helping individuals, trustees and businesses build their wealth by active portfolio management, we have developed our Strategic Portfolio Service which is designed to manage your pensions and investments on a quarterly basis. This unique service was launched in early 2009 in response to clients’ requests for more regular information on their funds. The extreme market conditions of 2007- 2009 have shown how the traditional way of managing portfolios with annual reviews is not suitable for those clients who are serious about maximising their investment returns.

The Process

The Strategic Portfolio Service is built around our Portfolio Management Strategy.
With clients’ risk profiling and careful asset selection being key. Clients using the Strategic Portfolio Service benefit from our regular monitoring of markets, economic conditions, funds and their managers. Our Investment Committee meet formally each quarter to discuss and agree what asset classes and investment funds have done well over the previous quarter and how we should position the funds for the next quarter. These fund changes are then communicated to clients via email each quarter along with specific Fund Factsheets, and an Investment Bulletin, explaining the changes. The Strategic Portfolio Service seeks to outperform the more traditional methods of managing your money by getting into the better performing funds quicker and by coming out of the poor performing funds faster.
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Investment Portfolios

The Strategic Portfolio Service consists of ten portfolios graded according to risk, with Portfolio 1 representing lowest risk and Portfolio 10 the highest. We also have two additional portfolios – Fixed Interest Portfolio and Income Portfolio. Each portfolio is reviewed on a quarterly basis and adjustments are made to take account of changing market and economic conditions.
We use a number of sources to help us with our research; amongst others these consist of:

  • Leading economists
  • Bank of England Reports
  • Key Fund Managers
  • Rating Agencies
  • Actuarial Reports


We feel it is very important to make sure we can demonstrate how our portfolios perform compared to others; we therefore compare our funds against industry standard benchmarks, and this information is published in our Factsheets.

Client Log-in

Clients using our Strategic Portfolio Service also have the benefit of being able to log-in securely via our Website directly to their own policy to track the performance of their own plan live.

Risk Categories

There are ten different risk categories you can select from, and we will help you with this process.
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