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Investment Advice & Portfolio Management

When selecting the most appropriate savings and investment schemes, it is important to consider not just the Funds available, but also your individual circumstances and requirements.

We do this by using our Portfolio Management Strategy.

  • Unit Trusts, PEPs & ISAs
  • Multimanager access to the best Fund Managers
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Offshore investment structures
  • Tax efficient strategies, utilising all tax allowances
  • Trust investments
  • Regular monitoring of portfolios to maximise returns
  • Active review service
  • Strategic Portfolio Service

Strategic Portfolio Service

As part of helping individuals, trustees and businesses in building their wealth by active investment management, we have developed our Strategic Portfolio Service, which is designed to manage your pensions and investments on a quarterly basis. This unique service was launched in early 2009 in response to clients’ requests for more regular information on their funds. The extreme market conditions of 2007-2009 have shown how the traditional way of managing portfolios with annual reviews is not suitable for those clients who are serious about maximising their investment returns.

Strategic Portfolio Service is suitable for both pension and investment portfolios.