Divorce hotel?

This is an interesting concept, but not sure if it will catch on in the UK! It’s worth a read though…Divorce hotel

Pensions Offsetting

Pensions Offsetting

This recent Pension Offsetting case is interesting as this is often a very complex area to advise on for Family Lawyers, especially when comparing the benefits of a Final Salary pension scheme to a Money Purchase one with all the modern day flexibility. Interesting reading. To read the article please click the following link WS v WS pension offset case


How to cut your divorce tax bill

This is an interesting article on the little known tax fact that separating couples should think about the tax implications of separating.  If careful thought & planning is not done some couples could inadvertently end up with a large CGT bill.  Another reason to take good financial advice as early as possible!

Please click here to see the article.

Family Law – Increasing demand for Joint Expert Reports

HFS Milbourne increases it Resolution Accredited Advisers

HFS Milbourne has seen a significant increase in requests for pension joint expert reports over the last six months and, as a result, is increasing its Resolution Accredited Advisers.

“Over the past six months we have seen a 60% increase in requests from family lawyers for joint expert reports”, says Resolution Accredited Pension Specialist, Belinda Ray.  “We believe this is partly driven by an increasing awareness of our specialisms amongst family lawyers, and partly due to the improving economic climate, particularly increasing property values in London and the South East”.

HFS Milbourne currently have the only female Resolution Accredited Pension Specialist in London and the South East, and are adding a further two accredited advisers to manage demand from its legal connections.

If you would like to receive more information about our services for divorce lawyers, which includes Cashflow Forecasting, Mortgage Letters of Borrowing Capacity, Joint Expert Reports, advice on Pension Sharing Orders, maintenance protection and other general financial advice, please contact Rod Milne or Belinda Ray on 01483 468888 or email us as or


Belinda Ray – Resolution Accredited Pension Specialist


Pensions & Divorce – Reducing the Stress!

We have been advising clients on Pensions & Divorce and wider Financial matters for many years now, and have developed a wide range of knowledge & experience in this area.

In the majority of cases one party is generally more financially astute than the other and, for many, this may be the first time that they have had to deal with complex financial matters, exacerbated by all the emotions of a divorce.

Our approach to dealing with our divorcing clients is to relieve them of this financial stress. The fact that we have advised many clients in this position gives them confidence that we know what we are doing, one less thing for them to worry about!  Belinda Ray, our Resolution accredited specialist often attends client meetings and her expertise in producing Joint Expert Reports tends to set us apart from other advisory firms in this area.

Investment Advice & Risk

When dealing with a Pension Sharing Order where one party is to receive a transfer of the other’s pension, one of the main areas we focus on is the level of risk that is suitable for them.  A lot of time is spent making sure that they understand risk and how this can impact on the performance of their new pension.  Other issues, such as which
pensions company is best, and the technicalities of the transfer are of course
important, but the main focus of the client should be to fully understand risk
and be comfortable going forwards.

We operate a range of 10 investment portfolios that are risk graded, and these portfolios are managed on a quarterly basis, making sure the client’s funds are monitored 4 times a year, we find that clients really appreciate this “hands on” approach. They also have the ability to move up or down the risk scale if their outlook changes.

Other Financial Advice

In some cases additional advice is necessary, covering areas such as Savings & Investment, Maintenance Protection, Mortgages, Inheritance Tax issues and advice of related Taxation issues.  We always advise our clients to update their wills and consider a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Rod Milne
21 March 2012