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We are pleased to report that our Autumn Economic & Investment Seminar held this morning at the Harbour Hotel in Guildford seemed to go down very well with our guests!

We had a total attendance of 74 guests plus our team, and we were fortunate to have two excellent guest speakers, Rory McPherson, Head of Investment Strategy at Psigma Investment Management (who sits on our Investment Committee), and Karen Ward, Chief Market Strategist at J P Morgan Asset Management. The guests included our professional connections, mostly from the legal & accounting fields, plus existing and some new clients.

We set out in detail how we manage our client’s money, and what our views are of World Markets from an investment & economic viewpoint, taking Brexit into account of course (we fear Brexit may feature in many of our future seminars!). Our Portfolios have given some very good returns over the last 12 months and year to date, despite the challenges out there. It’s all about getting the asset allocation right and making sure you use the right fund managers. Our mid-range risk graded portfolios have posted a return of +6.83% over the last 12 months and +11.02% YTD.

Feedback has been very good, and we will post further blogs when we announce the next Seminar